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At WAYI, we choose to support sustainable growth and production by providing natural products that have minimal to no negative environmental impact.

For example, bamboo naturally repels insects and therefore pesticides use is not necessary. There are over 1200 species of bamboo on this planet. All our products are manufactured from the bamboo species, moso, which is not eaten by Pandas.

The dyes used in our products are Azo free (free of hazardous chemicals) and meet the strict environmental standards the Europeans require for dyes. WAYI products are hypoallergenic and are a good option for the chemically sensitive.

Not only are WAYI products a sensible choice, they are divinely soft and nurturing next to the skin. Wayi wants to support sustainable agriculture. Wayi is encouraging health and healing through the use of environmentally and people friendly products. Because it is better for the planet. What fabrics we choose to use today, directly impacts how we and future generations will live tomorrow. By not using chemical or high pesticide fabrics Wayi wants to help you and the planet be as Green and Eco-friendly as it can.

Wayi wants to further exercise our commitment to supporting sustainable resources. Being our customer and taking the time to make informed choices and directly contributing to a better future.

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Wayi, LLC

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FTC Compliance

Wayi is complying with the new FTC requirements. We are relabling all our products to comply. Here is a copy of the report from the main manufacturer of Wayi products to show that Wayi bamboo products retain their bamboo properties. Wayi is going to conduct its own independent tests to confirm the manufacturers test results. In the meantime, we are in compliance with the FTC product labeling requirements, regarding bamboo fabrics.

Certified Organic

Our bamboo is USDA certified organic. When you are through enjoying your Bamboo garment, it can return to nourish the earth, as its 100% biodegradable.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Safe

All our bamboo fabric is certified under Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which has become the best known and most successful label for textiles tested for harmful substances. Our bamboo fiber is qualified for CLASS 1, baby use, which means we are fully aware of the relationship between textile production and related health & environmental issues.

This standard will ensure that the CPSIA law, that will require all garments for anyone under 12 years old to be tested for safety, and will go into effective Feb 9th, will meet safety issues for bamboo products.


is dedicated to the pursuit of quality and manufacturing health and workplace standards.
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